About Re-read.ca

A small project from Cablan.net

What is Cablan.net?

Cablan.net is a Canadian Web Development and Hosting Firm founded in 2001 which also offers Voice Over IP telephony

Since our founding, we have built or worked on ten of thousands of websites for our clients in over 32 countries.

From time to time, we work on our own projects and Re-read.ca is one of those projects.

Why Re-read.ca ?

It began with a movie which Cablan.net president Martin-Pierre Frenette heard about during filming, and completly missed in the theater: Ex-machina

Martin-Pierre was very interested in seeing it in theater, but he later forgot about it to the point where when he saw the posters, the movie didn't click in his mind and he missed it in the Theater and thus, had to wait again for the DVD.

He realized this was not an isolated incident! We all read articles about upcoming movies or events and get excited but lose interest during the wait.

Read-ca is the solution for that problem and a few more...

Bookmarks are a great way to remember content, but sadly, Bookmarks are static, have no "activation" date and do not archive your articles if they are deleted later.

Martin-Pierre, most likely like you, has a few articles which inspire him. Either programming security articles to keep fresh in mind or parenting tips about how to deal with spring break, or even that little known online store which sells boardgames for cheaper than anyone else in Canada.

How do you organize an article to be read every month? Or every February?

If you put a reminder in Outlook and you are busy that week, you will most likely dismiss that reminder

The beauty of Re-read.ca is that you can visit us when you know you have the time to read articles, and just want to remind yourself of what you saved in the past

It doesn't matter what you save, It will be there for you when you need it...