Difference between our free accounts and our premium accounts

Use our service free of charge, or pay a little more for a lot more features!

Even expired premium users get more!

Just having been a premium user once will give your some benefits forever...

FeatureFree AccountsExpired Premium AccountsActive Premium Account
Auto-Purging of your account1 year of inactivityNeverNever
Ability to freely purge your account
All of the Recuring Options
Unlimited Number of stored articles
Max Number of visible articles1010 per categoryUnlimited
Apply a Category to your articles
Create up to 5 categories per year*
Create up to 5 new custom labels per year*
Email Notifications of scheduled articles
Store offline copy
CostFreeFree$9.99 CAD per year
$7.70 USD (estimated)

About Categories and Custom Labels

Each time you pay for 1 year of our premium plan, 5 categories and 5 custom labels are added to your max number of categories/custom labels!

  • Pay for 1 year now, and get up to 5 categories/custom labels and 1 years of offline storage and email reminders
  • When you renew in a year, your maximum number of categories/custom labels will increase by 5, to 10!
  • Pay for 2 years now, and get up to 10 categories/custom labels right away and 2 years of offline storage and email reminders

The longer you're a premium user, the more categories/labels you get!