Privacy, Email and Data retention policies

In short, we will never sell your information to a third party. is not a data mining operation

Many start-ups make more of their money by selling information about their users.

At, we will never sell (or give) your information to anyone else.


Privacy Policy

In short, our privacy policy is that no informatio on your account will be extracted from your account:

You should also check what we store and what we don't, as well as our Password Security information

A warning about the Password Reset function

The password reset function can be used to confirm that your email address is registered in our system.

We could build a "blind" password recovery system which would not inform users if an email is registered or not, but sadly, those password reset forms are less useful since you can't confirm which email address you actually used.

We feel this system is a good trade-off between security and privacy.

Email Policy

We will not contact you other than to:

Additionally, premium users will receive the following emails:

A note about policy changes

One of the things that our parent company,, has done over the years is to offer "legacy packages" so that when a policy change affects users negatively, existing users can keep the previous policy.

This is not always possible, but when it is, we will try keep your account on the previous policy


Promotion and new features emails

A change of policy is one thing: we need to inform you. But if we are to offer new features or a special promotion, we might send you an email about it, but not more than 2 per year, and you will be able to mark in your preferences to not receive them.

We will not advertise our premium services by email

The only emails you will receive which will talk about our premium service will be:

  • In your account inactivity warning, to remind you to either use your account or become a premium member to avoid being purged
  • If we have a real special promotion, that is, a promotion visible on our website and for all users and that counts in our 2 emails per year

We will not email you a special promotion a few days after joining to try to convert your account.

We might announce one on our website and in your account section, but it will not be emailed to you. Just like you, we hate it when we join a website and after a few days, they suddenly have a new promotion just for us in our inbox.

Data Retention Policy